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As Opening Days go, this one was my most anticipated and also my most nervous. I moved from leading the Giants team to transitioning to a full non playing member of the league after last season, and while I will still play the odd game this year I am mostly on Umpire duties. Yesterdays Opening Day would be the baptism of fire. With the regular Edinburgh Umpire unavailable it was up to me to take the mantle of home plate. As if that wasn’t bad enough it was involving my Giants team. Confident I can be neutral when not wearing the uniform, and also confident that the opposing Cannons team know me well enough to trust I could be neutral I said play ball… in a slight quiver of a voice. The thing that soon calmed me down was the second pitch of the game coming back off the Giants lead off man Kyle Huffey’s bat and smacking me in the face. That knocked the nerves into the water of Leith behind us and we were off. Opening Day!

The Cannons and Giants put on a fantastic game of Baseball. An early flurry of runs from the eager Cannons was all the action we would see as the pitching masterclass was a sight to behold. Kyle Huffey of the Giants was fantastic. Allowing only 10 hits and 3 earned runs from the 6 scored with 8 Strike outs and 4 walks over 7 innings. His counterpart Sam Davidson was even more devastating. Sam had double the Ks through 9 innings, giving up just 7 hits and only 1 walk. Davidson’s debut in the Scottish National League was the catalyst that gave the Cannons that first win since the 2017 season, and I must admit – I am looking forward to seeing what this team can do against the other teams in the SNL.

Elsewhere Glasgow Galaxy faced Glasgow Comets and up North in Aberdeen it was the debuting Aberdeen Express getting their feet wet against club and city rivals Granite City Oilers. Both of these games offered something different looking at the scoresheets. In Aberdeen the game was dominated by pitching and defence. Fred Gambedotti of the Oilers amassed 14 strikeouts through 8 innings (10 hits, 1 ER, 4BB). The deadlock broken in the 7th inning with Express scoring a run via their starter Shane Sures. Shane had doubled, and as batted in by captain Jared Thomley with 2 outs. The Oilers replied in the bottom of the 7th with 5 runs, and another 1-5 inning in the 8th saw a final score of 10-2 in favour of the Oilers. 6 scoreless innings up North – then mirror that to the game in the West – Glasgow was a run fest. Glasgow Comets facing reigning two time league winners Glasgow Galaxy. A final score of 19 to 11 in favour of the Comets who in the 6th inning onwards won the game coming from a 10-2 deficit. Robert Grucela their star man looking at the score sheets as the Pole amassed 5 RBIs from 4 hits, including a double and a triple. A special mention to Galaxy player Jacob Wright who battered the first Homerun of the season deep over the Tolcross fences.

If nothing else, this Opening Day has shown that Baseball Scotland’s 2019 season is going to be a pure belter!

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  1. Where can I find the schedule? It doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the site. I’d love to come watch a game, but I need to know when and where they are.

    1. Hi Kara, you can find the schedule under Fixtures and Results. We would love to welcome you along to one of our games.

  2. I am a regular contributor to a website which highlights on a weekly basis, Canadians currently active in Baseball, in the minors, with Independent league and foreign league teams. Would like to include the stats for four Canadians now active in the Scotland National League, i.e. Shane Sures and Marinal DeAngelis (Express), Mary Margaret Fields (Cannons) and Ben Davis (Devils). To do so, I would need to include their Canadian birthplace or hometown. Any chance you could provide this information so as to allow their inclusion in our weekly posting. Thanks for any help you may provide.

    1. Hi George,
      This is amazing, and we are pleased to see the league being publicized like this.If I could ask you, can you please provide an email address I can send the information on to. I will need to ask the players if they are ok to provide the information first (I am sure they will also be excited). This is because of the GDPR laws here in the UK. I cannot publicly post their information beyond what is on the site currently – we are getting pictures up soon too.

  3. Well done Team Scotland, on the 3 wins to date. ‘All the best with the matches tomorrow and I hope you win
    the whole Tournament.


  4. Hi can you advise if there is opportunities in Scotland for young people 14 upwards to try the game. My son would love to try the sport having just returned from the states. His grandfather was American and played at college.

    1. Hi Joan, Thank you for getting in contact. The 3 cities at present are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and your son would be more than welcome along to one of those clubs to train with them. The clubs have great coaching and are very welcoming of all newcomers no matter the age or gender. The minimum age for the league is 16, although with Parental consent and coaches approval we allow 14 and and upwards to play in games – so if he was able, confident and you approved he would get opportunity to play in games each sunday as well as train midweek with the chosen club.

      Outside of those 3 cities we have clubs starting up all over the country

      If you could email me at I can get some information from you and set you up with the right contacts for where you are.

      Many Thanks,

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