Edinburgh Giants 0 - Granite City Oilers 18

After a one-week delay, the Granite City Oilers hosted the Edinburgh Giants this past Sunday for their 2018 season opener. The Giants travelled north for their second game of the season after a tough 8-7 loss to the Edinburgh Diamond Devils. Hopes were high for the squad but injuries, the absence of their starting catcher Matt Cote, and an all-around solid performance from the Oilers, would be too much for the Giants to overcome.

Edinburgh Giants 7 - Edinburgh Diamond Devils 8

Despite rumors of rain and snow the sun came out shining in Edinburgh for an Easter Opening Day game with the Edinburgh Diamond Devils playing host to the Edinburgh Giants. In what looks to be a wide open Scottish National League, both teams are optimistic that a title may be in the cards this season. So even with high expectations of a quality game, those expectations were exceeded in what was a game for the ages of Scottish baseball.

Glasgow Galaxy 8 - Edinburgh Diamond Devils 7

The Devils looked to continue their resurgence and this week they took on a Galaxy from far far away(well Glasgow). Many had written off the plucky upstarts against the juggernaught of the reigning champions, but the Devils had a plan (unconfirmed if hidden inside a droid).